I'm a potato that lives on a cloud and go where ever the winds take me. I love music, any kind really. But Of Mice & Men is my favorite band. Marina And The Diamonds is my favorite singer. I love hanging out with friends, reading and watching tv shows. My favorite book is Looking For Alaska by John Green and I don't really have a favorite TV show but I like The Walking Dead and Supernatural. Follow me to know more about me and I always follow back.(:
  • "I love women,” coming from a man, almost always means “I love when women please me,” “I love to imagine fucking women,” “I love to jack off to women’s pornified bodies,” “I love women who don’t challenge me in a way that makes me uncomfortable,” or “I love the idea of women."
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    I didn’t answer my mom so she called me ugly

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  • "If you are not ready for her to call you at 3 AM freaking out, if you cannot handle her at her worst, if you only crave for her curves and not her mind, if you cannot deal with her mood swings and if you want her just for sex stay the fuck away."
  • unsparks:

    my pet peeve is when someone ignores you

    like if we have a problem then let’s fucking address it

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  • "

    I don’t know how to write about what makes me happy but I know how to write about the things I have spilled blood over. So maybe, you.

    It has always been about you, you were what I spilled the most blood over and you know it. When you’re friends ask about me, you hold your hands up and show them your fingertips, they’re stained ; with my apologies, the love I had for you, the words I wrote for you and blood, lots of it. You haven’t been able to wash it out of your skin and I know you remember what it felt like. You think you’ve forgotten but sometimes your hands still ache for mine, sometimes you feel alone and sometimes you want to call me as much as I want to tell you that I love you.

    I love you, I love you so much that I will unzip my veins for you, look at the mess I am, tell me that you love me anyways, tell me that you’re sorry for leaving, that you won’t do it again. Look at your fingertips and tell me you want to remember it. Hold my wrists and keep me. Keep me in your heart, if it cannot be in your head. Promise to not think of me everyday, but once a week remember that I loved you no matter how fucked up you were. Call me once a year, tell me things are better, tell me you’re in love again but promise to not forget to tell me, it’s different. Remind me that you can’t feel the same kind of love twice, just once. I’ll sleep better at night knowing it. Then one day, never call again.

    I’ll be fine without you, don’t worry about forgetting, because you’ll remember me on the bad days and dismiss me on the good ones, it’s okay, I know I’ll do the same too.

  • everblessedpumpum:

    Men will ask you for nudes like “yea boo, I want you to bust it open. But you gotta put a finger inside.. and put ya titty in your mouth… ooh yea and I want it to be a full body shot w. you laying on the kitchen floor" so do not be afraid to tell a motherfucker his dick needs to be next to a RULER. Not a remote, not a can of shaving cream, not a banana. A RULER.

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  • darknessandravenclaw:

    dont get me wrong i totally fucking love how much tumblr is trying to bring awareness to bisexuality pansexuality and asexuality. but you know what else they need to bring to attention?

    • polysexuality
    • aromanticism
    • people whose sexualities and romantic orienations dont line up

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